Wednesday, December 30, 2009



you can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. so put your ipod on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs - without cheating! ;)

1. sugababes - nothing's as good as you
2. ying yang twins & mike jones - badd
3. m.i.a. - bird flu
4. hassan annouri - hoffnung
5. aspirante - me olvide de tu amor
6. modjo - lady (hear me tonite)
7. beyoncé - control
8. asd - sneak preview
9. the kooks - no longer
10. method man & redman - ayo
11. trey songz - jupiter love
12. dj kitsune, harris & jonesmann - wer kann schöner sein
13. the kooks - sway
14. afroman - because i got high
15. sugababes - sunday rain
16. blaze, olli banjo & harris - christina
17. asher roth & jim jones - i luv college
18. lloyd - girls around the world mega remix
19. culcha candela - besonderer tag
20. the kooks - fa la la
21. kate nash - pumpkin soup
22. culcha candela - the greatest
23. m.i.a. - down river
24. inner circle - sweat (a la la la la long)
25. olli banjo & jonesmann - ende und amen

Thursday, December 24, 2009

oh rob

bold what you did in '09

1. did something you said you'd never do
2. paid for someone who said he'd pay you back but never did
3. lied about where you were
4. discovered a new musician
5. made something for a friend
6. got a new phone
7. got a new ipod/mp3-player
8. made fun of someone
9. flew on a plane for the first time
10. spoke in front of 15 people or more
11. met someone in real life that you originally met online
12. done something illegal
13. did your siblings chores for money
14. stayed up all night thinking bout the worst thing that could possibly happen to later find out that you worried for nothing
15. hurt somebody you didn't mean to hurt
16. hugged your mom or dad
17. baked a cake
18. made a new friend
19. lost an old friend
20. changed your views on society
21. laughed on something that wasn't funny
22. got upset over something that wasn't a big deal
23. had a horrible birthday
24. got a facebook
25. deleted your myspace
26. cried because you missed old times
27. cleaned your room
28. told someone you loved them
29. told someone you hated them
30. recieved a gift
31. gave a gift
32. read a book that wasn't for school
33. ate a lollipop
34. threw away something by accident
35. smoked a cigarette
36. ran a mile
37. swiched schools
38. aced a test
39. wished you were in the past
40. got scared about the future
41. got yelled at by your parents
42. lost a family member
43. saw an old friend
44. went to church/synagogue
45. said your going to make next year better

i can't sleep, again


kamber x all black

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's craig david

using song names from only one artist, cleverly answer these questions.

are you male or female?
4 times a lady

describe yourself:
slicker than your average

how do you feel:
she's on fire

describe where you currently live:
top of the hill

if you could go anywhere, where would you go:
all the way

your favorite form of transportation:
fast cars

your best friend is:

you and your best friend are:
just chillin'

what's the weather like:

favorite time of day:
time to party

if your life was a tv show, what would it be called:
7 days

what is life to you:
just my imagination

your last relationship:
don't love you no more

disney x sailor moon



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

k-krazy beat

maluca - el tigeraso

stillness is the move

solange - stillness is the move

isn't life under the sun just a crazy dream?
isn't life just a mirage of the world before the world?
why am i here and not over there?
where did time begin
where does space end
where do you and i begin?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

parlay voo fransay?


balmain details

take the lead

bone thugs-n-harmony & wisin y yandel - take the lead (wanna ride)

ysl tirbutes

walking the usa


party people


{where i wanna be at this very moment}

m.i.a. hair

amy flats

the view

rock that vauthier sh*t like fashion

{definitely one of my fave looks for her}

baby it's you


cameron diaz anyone?

lollipop swag


I'm postin these coz I admire their beauty. If there are any issues considering the copyright, just contact me and I'll figure it out.