Friday, September 9, 2011

sorry for being absent, i was knocked out by a fever for a couple of days.
i haven't been sick like this for ages, and i don't wanna be the next couple of years, please.
i felt so bad and i didn't have the energy for anything. i was in bed nearly all day,
i haven't been able to move, i haven't been eating;
one moment i was freezing to death and the next i was sweating like i don't know.
the infection seems to be over now,
though i still have a strong headache everytime i get up,
but as soon as i'm home from starbucks, i'll be back to blogging!
- and, you know what? i'm soooooooooooooo excited for fashion week :)
i have to leave you again, for a week,
as i'm heading to malta on sunday (hell yea 30°C)
but i'll be back for milan and paris ♥

have a great day :)

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