Monday, August 22, 2011

i had one of the most awesome weekends! :)

friday nite: party hard! pictures ended up online,
i have several bruises, i don't remember everything
(least of all the stuff from the pictures lol)
seeing the pictures i felt like in 'the hangover'..

saturday: having no hangover at all :) just a few memory gaps.
met J at starbucks in the morning and we've been hanging out there
watching people, and i can tell you that there were only
beautiful people on a beautiful day in a beautiful place.
then i went home to watch soccer - florent sexy ass malouda -
who instantly became my new wallpaper.
in the evening i hanged out at J's place
and the night i spent at C's - haven't seen him in about 4 weeks.

sunday: after coming home J came over and we went to the beach
- the weather was amazing *.*
then, we had a short barbecue
and then we were hanging out at starbucks.
after that i went to J's place
and we still couldn't stop laughing about friday :)

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