Thursday, December 24, 2009

bold what you did in '09

1. did something you said you'd never do
2. paid for someone who said he'd pay you back but never did
3. lied about where you were
4. discovered a new musician
5. made something for a friend
6. got a new phone
7. got a new ipod/mp3-player
8. made fun of someone
9. flew on a plane for the first time
10. spoke in front of 15 people or more
11. met someone in real life that you originally met online
12. done something illegal
13. did your siblings chores for money
14. stayed up all night thinking bout the worst thing that could possibly happen to later find out that you worried for nothing
15. hurt somebody you didn't mean to hurt
16. hugged your mom or dad
17. baked a cake
18. made a new friend
19. lost an old friend
20. changed your views on society
21. laughed on something that wasn't funny
22. got upset over something that wasn't a big deal
23. had a horrible birthday
24. got a facebook
25. deleted your myspace
26. cried because you missed old times
27. cleaned your room
28. told someone you loved them
29. told someone you hated them
30. recieved a gift
31. gave a gift
32. read a book that wasn't for school
33. ate a lollipop
34. threw away something by accident
35. smoked a cigarette
36. ran a mile
37. swiched schools
38. aced a test
39. wished you were in the past
40. got scared about the future
41. got yelled at by your parents
42. lost a family member
43. saw an old friend
44. went to church/synagogue
45. said your going to make next year better

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